Programs & Deadlines


Phase 1 & Rough Cut

Rough Cut

Following contracting, you provide a DVD copy of the official rough cut of the project for review and a completed Rough Cut Eligibility Certificate to your business analyst. Note that we must receive a copy of your rough cut no later than the date you deliver the rough cut to the first-window Canadian broadcaster or any other financier.

2009-2010 Rough Cut Eligibility Certificate
2008-2009 Rough Cut Eligibility Certificate
2007-2008 Rough Cut Eligibility Certificate
2006-2007 Rough Cut Eligibility Certificate

Interim Financing

Applicants may opt for interim financing, which involves assigning payments under the financing agreement to a bank as security. To access interim financing, applicants must complete the Notice and Direction form and forward it to their business analyst. Applications in Quebec must also forward a copy of the hypothec to their business analyst.
Phase 2 & Exploitation
All current Phase 2 and Exploitation documents can be found here.
Phase 2 - CTF Funding Streams:

Development - Television Component - 2006-10
Production - Digital Media Component - 2008-10
Production - Television Component - 2006-10
Envelope Administration

Envelope Manuals

Performance Envelope Manual 2016-2017
English Development Manual 2016-2017
Performance Envelope Manual 2015-2016
English Development Manual 2015-2016
Performance Envelope Manual 2014-2015
English Development Manual 2014-2015
Performance Envelope Manual 2013-2014
English Development Manual 2013-2014
Performance Envelope Manual 2012-2013
English Development Manual 2012-2013
Performance Envelope Manual 2011-2012
English Development Manual 2011-2012
Performance Envelope Manual 2010-2011
English Development Manual 2010-2011

Envelope Allocations

Performance Envelope Allocations 2016-17
Performance Envelope: Credit Shares by Factor 2016-17
Development Envelope Allocations 2016-17

Performance Envelope Allocations 2015-16
Performance Envelope: Credit Shares by Factor 2015-16
Development Envelope Allocations 2015-16

Performance Envelope Allocations 2014-15
Performance Envelope: Credit Shares by Factor 2014-15
Development Envelope Allocations 2014-15

Performance Envelope Allocations 2013-14
Performance Envelope: Credit Shares by Factor 2013-14
Development Envelope Allocations 2013-14

Performance Envelope Allocations 2012-13
Performance Envelope: Credit Shares by Factor 2012-13
Development Envelope Allocations 2012-13

Performance Envelope Allocations 2011-12
Performance Envelope: Credit Shares by Factor 2011-12
Development Envelope Allocations 2011-12

Performance Envelope Allocations 2010-2011
Performance Envelope: Credit Shares by Factor 2010-2011
English Development Envelope Allocations 2010-2011

2009 & Earlier
2009-2010 Envelope Allocations (CTF)
2008-2009 Envelope Allocations (CTF)
2007-2008 Envelope Allocations (CTF)
2006-2007 Envelope Allocations (CTF)
2005-2006 Envelope Allocations (CTF)
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