Submitting an Application

Since 2013 the Canada Media Fund (CMF) has been accepting applications exclusively through eTelefilm. In eTelefilm, applicants can create, submit, and manage all their applications in one place. Resources and tools for setting up an account, information on how to apply, and FAQs can be found below.

Please note: All supplementary documentation and Final Cost/Phase II documentation will continue to be accessed from the CMF website on the corresponding program pages. Documentation can be submitted electronically through your eTelefilm account.


New eTelefilm Users

All new eTelefilm users will need to initially set up an account in order to submit a funding application. This process can take up to 5 working business days and should be worked into your application schedule.

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There are three easy steps to setting up an account

  1. Fill out eTelefilm online application and supplementary forms
  2. Send supplementary forms on to Telefilm Canada by e-mail or mail. You will receive a URL by e-mail and PIN by mail within 5 working business days. Please consult the How to Submit an Application Document for more details.
  3. Follow the instructions and log into eTelefilm to start your application.


Returning eTelefilm Users

As a returning eTelefilm user you should already have a PIN and account. If you have misplaced or forgotten your password please refer to the FAQs to find the process to recover it.

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New features on eTelefilm

Please note we have made some improvements and created new resources to enhance the application process.

Throughout the eTelefilm application forms, we have added helpful hints and notes which appear in the form of questions marks. Click the question marks to access the information pertaining to each form field.

Our newly created FAQs can help answer many of the common questions you may have while filling in an application. Click here to access the FAQ.



Adding or modifying companies on your joint account can be easily done with the use of this Telefilm form. Send it to at Telefilm as changes to your account are needed.

Your questions and comments are valuable to us. We invite you to share them through this form, and we will be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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