Coproducing with Canada

Canada is one of the leading coproduction partners in the world.

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is part of a strong funding ecosystem in Canada that fosters audiovisual content creation and encourages coproduction with other countries.

Canada’s coproduction treaties together with CMF financing provide opportunities for Canadian producers and their international counterparts to share resources and talent and tap into new markets.

As consumers have growing access to content from all corners of the world, the production community can benefit greatly from working together on the international front.

Where to Begin?

Coproductions are joint film and television productions that are shared between two or more countries. Foreign producers need to find a Canadian partner before accessing any funding in Canada. Projects must have at least one Canadian and one international producer.

Canada has coproduction treaties and MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding) in place with more than 50 countries. Telefilm Canada administers all coproduction agreements on behalf of the Canadian government. For guidelines and detailed information about treaties and MOUs click here. To search for Canadian companies or productions registered as official coproductions click here.

The CMF has an array of international incentive programs that provide matching fund contributions for coproduction and codevelopment of television and digital media content with select foreign partner funding organizations. New agreements are developed and announced on an ongoing basis.

There are two sets of guidelines:

International Coproduction and Codevelopment Incentives - Convergent
(For television and digital media extension projects)

International Coproduction and Codevelopment Incentives - Experimental
(For innovative digital media projects)

Producers interested in finding an international coproducer as part of these funding incentives can post a profile of their company and project to find a match of potential partners from other countries. To create a profile or search the CMF online database to find producers according to types of projects produced click here.

Additional Resources

The work we do is also a collaborative effort with several Canadian funding organizations and industry associations at the national, provincial, and territorial level. Additional funding, tax credits, and local services may be available through this wide network of industry-associated organizations. For a full list of useful links click here.

Eye on Canada is a website developed by the CMF, Telefilm Canada and the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA). Using the search option, Canadian and international producers can browse through photos, videos, production details, and production company information for Canadian television, digital media and feature film projects that have gone to market.

The CMF publishes research reports relating to coproductions, best practices and case studies on its Trends website. Visit CMF Trends.

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