International Coproduction and Codevelopment Incentives - Experimental

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is pursuing its mandate of finding innovative solutions to support the coproduction and codevelopment of content with international partners. The CMF has partnered with certain funding organizations in other countries to develop matching funds to support the creation of innovative projects that have at least one Canadian and one international producer. 

Below is a list of agreements for this fiscal year signed to date. New agreements with international partners will be announced throughout the year.


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International Coproduction and Codevelopment Incentives Producer List

The Canada Media Fund and its international coproduction incentive funding partners invite producers interested in finding an international coproducer as part of current funding incentives to post a profile of their company. Profiles will be accessible to all, including potential partners from other countries.

Simply complete the brief form and upload information about your company and project if you have a specific project in mind. Your profile will be posted within the next few days.

To find a potential match, please use the search feature below. This will populate a list of producers that match your search criteria.

The eligibility of producers (and projects) will be confirmed once a project application is submitted.

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