Experimental Stream Jury

Experimental Stream Jury

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Experimental Stream Evaluation Process 

Successful applications are determined using a selective process in reference to an “evaluation grid”. It lists the four basic assessment criteria used by the CMF and their respective weightings for each of the three types of funding in the Experimental Stream.

The four assessment criteria are:

  • Experience and past achievements of the production/development team
  • Innovation and advancement of the project
  • The business plan, including the viability of the project and the financial stability of the applicant
  • The distribution strategy


International Jury - Experimental Stream Production Support

A jury of Canadian and international experts applies the criteria for production/development team and innovation only to projects that applied for production support. Projects ultimately selected for support are based on the results of this process and funding available. The jury does not evaluate applications for development and marketing support.

All Jury Members to Date

  • Adam Sigel

    Fiscal Year : 2013 - 2014 Round : 1 & 2
    Country : USA City : Los Angeles
    Adam Sigel is a writer, producer and content strategist working across multiple platforms. As a writer, Adam’s list of credits include feature films and TV series for companies such as Alcon Entertainment,... Read More
  • Alison Norrington

    Fiscal Year : 2014 - 2015 Round : 2
    Country : United Kingdom City : Essex
    Alison Norrington is a writer/producer, CEO, Founder & Chief Creative Director of Storycentral, a London-based entertainment studio that incubates and develops ground- breaking transmedia properties... Read More
  • Amber MacArthur

    Fiscal Year : 2013 - 2014 Round : 2
    Country : Canada City : Toronto
    Amber MacArthur is the co-host of App Central on CTV, a television show that features the latest developments in mobile technology and social media. The show airs in Canada, Singapore, Australia and South... Read More
  • Anita Ondine

    Fiscal Year : 2015 - 2016 Round : 1
    Country : United Kingdom City : London
    Anita Ondine is an internationally renowned transmedia creator, consultant and educator, who has overseen the concepting and development of over a dozen original transmedia properties, including Lance... Read More
  • Annelise Larson

    Fiscal Year : 2015 - 2016 Round : 2
    Fiscal Year : 2014 - 2015 Round : 1
    Fiscal Year : 2013 - 2014 Round : 2
    Country : Canada City : Saskatoon
    Annelise comes from a background as an independent producer, with training at such prestigious institutions as the Canadian Film Centre (Producer’s Lab) and Banff Centre for the Arts (Electronic... Read More
  • Annika Gustafson

    Fiscal Year : 2014 - 2015 Round : 1
    Country : Sweden City : Helsingborg
    Annika Gustafson is the executive director of BoostHbg, a ground breaking development and funding incubator for innovative media and film in Helsingborg, Sweden. Previously based in Montreal, Annika spent... Read More
  • Britta Schell

    Fiscal Year : 2012 - 2013 Round : 2
    Country : USA City : San Francisco
    Britta brings nearly a decade of insights, strategy, brands and advertising to the table, as well as a lifetime of being a digital native. Passionate about developing and implementing great strategy... Read More
  • Bruno Guglielminetti

    Fiscal Year : 2013 - 2014 Round : 2
    Fiscal Year : 2014 - 2015 Round : 1
    Country : Canada City : Montréal
    A new technology and digital media specialist since 1994, Bruno Guglielminetti worked as a director at Radio-Canada from 1987 to 2010, where he directed the Christiane Charette en direct show on Radio-Canada’s... Read More
  • Caitlin Burns

    Fiscal Year : 2014 - 2015 Round : 2
    Country : USA City : New York
    Caitlin Burns has spent a decade working with narrative intellectual property franchises, independent artists, brands and philanthropic initiatives. Developing content strategies, overseeing multiplatform... Read More
  • Carl-Frédéric de Celles

    Fiscal Year : 2012 - 2013 Round : 1 & 2
    Country : Canada City : Quebec City
    A trained economist, Carl-Frédéric de Celles is co-founder, president and senior partner of iXmédia, one of Quebec’s leading interactive solutions design and production firms.... Read More

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