Accelerator Partnership Program

The Accelerator Partnership Program (A2P) is designed to provide producers of digital media projects funded through the CMF’s Experimental Stream with better access to mentorship, market and capital.

As such, the A2P seeks to connect Experimental Stream funding recipients with renowned Canadian and foreign accelerators that the CMF has selected based on their ability to work with the variety of projects and diversity of producers supported by the CMF across the country and abroad. 

Guidelines & References


Opening Date: April 12, 2016 | Closing Date: December 6, 2016


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Canadian Accelerators

Company Focus Conditions Description
Visit Website Sherbrooke, QC Innovative firms and/or start-up technologies Cash investment up to $20,000, professional services in kind, and 5% equity investment Generates, facilitates and accelerates the creation of innovative, job-creating firms by helping candidates become entrepreneurs capable of participating in the growth of a knowledge-based economy.
Visit Website Montreal, QC Information technology-oriented startups No equity retained Contributes to the start-up of successful businesses and to the creation of long-term jobs. Offers customized management support, consulting programs and efficient and affordable related services.
Visit Website Waterloo Region, ON Any technological startup No equity retained Helps companies start, grow and succeed. Communitech Startup Services works directly with incubating startups to support the growth of any technology startup in the Waterloo Region.
Visit Website Montreal, QC Technology No equity retained Enables entrepreneurs and their teams to make a dent in the world. By animating a collaborative ecosystem, puts the necessary tools, resources and knowledge in the hands of innovative leaders in order for them to move from idea to impact.
Visit Website Montreal, QC Mobile games 100K investment in cash and 15% taken in equity Accelerator and investment platform designed to support talented, entrepreneurial game developers with various profiles. Its goal is to back the very best game studios in the world through mentorship, financing, and a collaborative community.
Visit Website Montreal, QC Web, mobile, SaaS 50K in cash in exchange of 9% equity Top-tier, mentor-driven accelerator that helps early-stage web, mobile, and SaaS startups raise seed capital.
Visit Website St. Catharines, ON Interactive Digital Media (Video Games/Augmented Reality) No capital/equity exchange taken Provides enhanced commercialization services to start-up companies in the interactive digital media sector. Designed to enable your research or commercial media projects to have any or all aspects completed at one location.
Visit Website Toronto, ON Digital Media and Games No equity retained Supports Toronto's digital sectors and is committed to accelerating the growth and development of start-up firms with the goal of forming new jobs and opportunities.
Visit Website Vancouver, BC Early-stage tech companies Up to $200K in exchange for equity Global VC-backed accelerator platform that helps digital startups supercharge growth and raise institutional capital. Gives founders "Speed to Seed" through specialized accelerator products, timely staged investments and growth connectivity in global markets in four cities (Toronto, Vancouver, NYC, SF).
Visit Website Toronto, ON Early-stage startups, and SMEs $30K interest-free loan, no equity taken Business accelerator with a difference - a bootcamp for companies that want to navigate an entertainment ecosystem that has been radically disrupted by new technologies and demanding audience expectations. Founded in partnership with Corus Entertainment and Shaw Media.
Visit Website Toronto, ON Software-based products Equity taken: 7.5% Toronto-based accelerator that helps emerging entrepreneurs and innovative startups that have a working prototype make their project scalable, viable and investor-ready.
Visit Website Montreal, QC Information and Communications Technology No equity retained Accelerates the start-up and growth of technology-based businesses. Dedicated to knowledge transfer and commercialization, offering companies a range of professional and business services and access to all the sectorial business intelligence required by its clients to succeed.
Visit Website Hamilton, ON Digital Media and Information Technology No equity retained A member of the ONE Network. Offers a regional innovation centre for entrepreneurship in the Hamilton area. Provides personal mentorship, programs and business networking.
Visit Website Ottawa, ON Early-stage companies No equity retained Has the experts, mentors and business advisors to help companies from inception to the first rounds of investment and beyond. Primarily funded by the Province of Ontario and City of Ottawa, and is a member of the ONE network.
Visit Website Winnipeg, MB Early-stage companies with high growth potential, with a focus on market access No equity retained The Launch'Pad program fosters innovation in Manitoba by increasing the commercialization of new technologies, promoting entrepreneurship, supporting the creation of next-generation startups, and stimulating access to risk capital for early- and mid-stage enterprises.
Visit Website Winnipeg, MB Tech startups Service fees for commercialization support or a blend of equity and convertible debt. Manitoba's only federally funded incubator is taking people who have ideas with j-curve potential and helping them build a business. The Accelerator Program is flexible and customized, with the goal of providing exactly the right amount of support needed for you to achieve success.
Visit Website Quebec City, QC Digital Media and Interactive Entertainment, ICT, Web and Mobile Applications No equity retained Regional economic development agency that contributes to the economic development of the Québec City metropolitan area and enhances its international status. Fosters growth and development, supports key business sectors and attracts talent and investment to the region.
Visit Website Toronto, ON Software and small hardware technology startups No equity retained. A2P recipients will only be awarded $15,000 for the Ryerson DMZ program. Business incubator for startups in the heart of downtown Toronto. Helps startups succeed by connecting them with customers, advisors, influencers and each other. Offers entrepreneurs education and development opportunities, services and co-working space.
Visit Website Toronto, ON Software and small hardware technology startups. Equity taken up to 5% depending on the stage of the company "Founders First" accelerator program that selects and assembles top technology-based startups, accelerating their go-to-market success with real customers, real investors, and actionable guidance.
Visit Website Toronto, ON and virtual support Data Driven Information and Communication Technology Companies No equity retained Offers leading edge infrastructure and services to develop and showcase innovative applications that will benefit data driven ICT companies and end users in target vertical markets. Provides a collaborative environment that brings together key stakeholders in a market-driven approach to innovation and commercialization.
Visit Website Toronto, ON Media and storytelling innovation driven teams and projects. No equity retained Incubator for media startups and creative production teams in the heart of downtown Toronto. Connects teams with mentors, advisors, influencers and each other, and provides them with technical and creative resources. Offers education, training and development opportunities, services and co-working space, and collaboration in industry and research initiatives.
Visit Website Vancouver, BC Companies in the game, film, Web and mobile space sectors Equity taken: 5 to 30% based on the stage of the project. It would never exceed 50%. Acceleration program that helps passionate teams with promising ideas in the Web, mobile, film and gaming verticals to scale their startups to the next level. With up to $150K in funding, access to a global network of mentors, and creative workspaces in Vancouver (Canada), Shenzhen (China) and Delhi (India).
Visit Website Vancouver, BC Information forthcoming Information forthcoming Information forthcoming
Visit Website Toronto, ON New and innovative small business and social enterprise organizations No equity retained Charitable organization whose mission is to provide free business education and mentorship to innovative entrepreneurs in order to build and accelerate successful businesses. Guides innovators to refine their ideas and create tested proof of concepts that are attractive to investors and will benefit Canadian society.


International Accelerators

Company Focus Conditions Description
Visit Website London, UK Tech companies seeking global expansion No equity retained Advises IP owners on how best to exploit their content: global marketing and commercial plans for entertainment properties, sports properties, physical and digital content; business development support; identifying and negotiating strategic alliances.
Visit Website Boston, Denver, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, London, France, India, and Virtual Individual CTAs feature different focuses: ICT, Cleantech, Life Sciences No equity retained. Participants responsible for funding travel/living expenses and legal status outside of Canada. Provides Canadian high-growth market-ready companies support to access global markets and entrepreneurship services within the ICT, Life Sciences, and Clean Technologies industries.

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