Accelerator Partnership Pilot Program

The Accelerator Partnership Pilot Program (A3P) is designed to provide producers of digital media projects funded through the CMF’s Experimental Stream with better access to mentorship, market and capital.

As such, the A3P seeks to connect Experimental Stream funding recipients with renowned Canadian and foreign accelerators that the CMF has selected based on their ability to work with the variety of projects and diversity of producers supported by the CMF across the country and abroad. 


Applicants - Required Forms

  • Apply online using eTelefilm 
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    eTelefilm enables you to submit an application online, follow up on its status, and keep track of your current projects.

    For more information or to register click here.

    Please Note:

    1. Only the Application Form can be both completed and submitted using eTelefilm; all other supporting documents can only be submitted using eTelefilm so will need to be downloaded from this site (available below).

    2. You need to register for eTelefilm. You will receive a PIN by mail within 5 business days; work this timing in your application schedule.

Applicants - Helpful Tools

The following documents are not required to be submitted with your application however may be helpful in completing or modifying your application.

Your questions and comments are valuable to us. We invite you to share them through this form, and we will be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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