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All CMF funded Rich & Substantial digital media projects are required to report on audience reach and consumption metrics at regular intervals. Installing a CMF digital tracking code prior to the commercial release or live date of the project will effectively automate this reporting requirement. Projects with multiple content types (i.e. video and games) must be identified and measured as separate components in order to track and report accurate measurement metrics. Applicants producing DM components that are not taggable due to the nature of the platform must contact, and we will determine how best to measure project metrics on a case-by-case basis. Complete and submit the CMF Digital Tracking form (below) to receive your tracking script.

Request for Customized CMF tag and SDK kit

In order to receive your CMF Digital Analytics tracking codes, please do the following:

1. When the beta testing stage of the DM component is complete, or within the first 6 months of signing (whichever comes first), contact the CMF via the online form (below) to request the CMF Digital Analytics tracking codes, or to request an extension. Note: Codes must be implemented prior to the launch of the DM project.
2. After filling out the form, you will receive an email containing the CMF Digital Analytics tracking code that is designated for your website, application or other platform (within 10 business days).
3. After the tag has been implemented, notify to confirm that the CMF-funded project has been tagged successfully.

The CMF’s existing contract with comScore expired on September 30, 2016, and on this same date we entered into a new agreement with Adobe to be our preferred supplier for digital media tracking and analytics. In order to continue measuring traffic on CMF-financed projects, an additional Adobe tag is required to be installed alongside all existing comScore tags in order to be compatible with the Adobe platform.

UPDATE: For new & existing projects
During the phase one roll out of the CMF –Adobe tagging process, we identified a conflict between the Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) script that we provided and pre-existing Adobe implementations. We are currently working with Adobe to provide an alternate solution which should be available shortly. In the interim, we are asking companies that currently use Adobe Analytics internally not to proceed with installing the CMF tagging script, or to remove the CMF tags if already installed, until the alternate solution is made available.

Under normal circumstances, in order to remain in compliance with your contractual obligations to the CMF, you must install CMF issued tags. However, due to the technical challenges that have arisen, DM projects will not be placed in default during this transition period.

(Providing the anticipated launch date here will assist us in generating the proper tracking codes for your project. However, this does not absolve the project from meeting its DM Beta Stage requirement at Telefilm.)
Please note: You are responsible for contacting immediately after a project has been tagged in order for the CMF to verify that the project has been tagged successfully.

The CMF request that Digital Media projects are tagged within the first 6 months after the initial contract is signed (see Events of Default Agreement). If an extension is required to tag your project, please provide an explanation:

Your questions and comments are valuable to us. We invite you to share them through this form, and we will be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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