**Due to a high demand for the Aboriginal Development and Predevelopment programs, the CMF will no longer be accepting applications from applicants who wish to receive funds as part of either of these programs.**

The Aboriginal Program is designed to support independent Aboriginal production in Canada. This program is part of the CMF's Convergent Stream; thus, projects funded through this program must include content to be developed for distribution on at least two platforms, one of which must be television.

The CMF recognizes the unique circumstances of the Aboriginal-language television market and the Aboriginal production community, and it has tailored the Aboriginal Program to reflect those realities. Funding is allocated according to a selective process using an evaluation grid. For details, read the Aboriginal Program Guidelines.

To access funding a project must meet all requirements set out in the 2016-2017 Guidelines. Only applications that meet all requirements will be considered.

Guidelines & References


Aboriginal Program: Development (First come first served)
Opening Date: April 7, 2016 | Closing Date: January 10, 2017

Aboriginal Program: Production (Selective process)
Closing Date: May 24, 2016


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Application Checklists, Tools & Forms

(and Value-added Digital Media Component, if applicable)


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Non-Funded Digital Media


Broadcaster In-house Productions

Approved Application Documents

The materials found on the Approved Application Documents page are only necessary if your application is approved and a CMF Financing Agreement has been issued or upon completion of a CMF-funded project. They include the Direct Deposit, Interim Financing, and Phase II/Final Cost forms.

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