Approved Application Documents

Mandatory Direct Deposit

To receive your CMF payments, you must fill out the direct deposit form below and submit it to your Business Analyst.

CMF Logos

As set out in your Financing Agreement, all domestic versions of the project are required to include the CMF logo. The CMF logo as well as the usage guidelines are available on the logos page.

Interim Financing

Applicants may choose to opt for interim financing, which involves assigning payments under the financing agreement to a bank as security. If you intend to access interim financing, complete the Notice and Direction form and forward it to your business analyst. If you are in Quebec, you will also have to forward a copy of the hypothec to your business analyst.

Phase II/Final Cost

CMF-funded projects are required to have closing documentation submitted upon their completion. (Referred to as Phase II Closing documents for Production Programs; Final Cost documents for Development and Marketing & Promotion Programs).

Select by year and type below to download a zip file containing the CMF documents you will need. In the zip files you will find either a Closing Documents checklist (Production) or a Final Cost Checklist (Development, Marketing & Promotion) which lists all required documentation.

Note: TV and DM components each have a separate 'Closing Documents Checklist'.


Convergent Stream

  2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-16
Television Component
Digital Media Component
Television Component
Digital Media Component


Experimental Stream

  2010-12 2012-14 2014-15 2015-16
Development Zip File Zip File Zip File
Production Zip File Zip File Zip File
Marketing & Promotion Zip File Zip File Zip File Zip File

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