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Please note: producers and broadcasters can also take advantage of the pre-application consultations provided by the CMF Program Administrator | Telefilm Canada.

Who is eligible to apply for CMF funding and what projects are admissible?

The CMF offers multiple Funding Programs which are available through two streams. Through the Convergent Stream, the CMF supports the creation of convergent television and digital media content. Through the Experimental Stream, the CMF encourages the development of innovative, interactive digital media content and software applications.


Eligibility requirements are detailed in the guidelines specific to each program. To access specific program guidelines, please visit the Funding Programs section or select from the charts below. This chart lists the name and objective of each of our Funding Programs.


Experimental Stream Supports Canadian interactive digital media content and application software that is innovative and leading-edge.
Development Support projects at the development stage.
Performance Envelope Encourage partnerships between broadcasters, television producers, and digital media producers to create convergent content that Canadian audiences want to consume anytime, anywhere.
Regional French Incentive Support the growth of French production by Quebec producers who are located outside the Montreal production centre.
Northern Production Incentive Provide additional support to producers in Northern regions.
English Production Incentive Support the growth of production in areas of Canada where English production volumes have declined more than 20% below their five year historical average.
Francophone Minority Ensure that Canadians have access to French production reflecting francophone cultures outside the province of Quebec.
Aboriginal Support the growth of Aboriginal-language production.
Diverse Languages Ensure that Canadians have access to content that reflects the variety of languages they speak.
Convergent Digital Media Incentive Encourage the production of value-added digital media components that are related to CMF-funded television productions
English POV Support the growth of English point of view (POV) documentaries.
Versioning Increase the reach of existing programming to Canadians through language versioning.
How do I apply?

The first step to a successful application is to read and understand the guidelines of the program that you would like to access. Every program the CMF offers has its own set of guidelines that are available through the Funding Programs link.

Once you have read the guidelines and you feel that your project is eligible for funding, you may schedule a pre-application consultation with the CMF Program Administrator (Telefilm Canada) if you still have questions about the next steps to obtain CMF funding. If you are ready to apply, complete your application online through eTelefilm. You must first register online. You will then receive a PIN number by mail within the next 5 business days; work this timing into your application schedule. Supplementary forms forms can still be found on the CMF website on the related program page.

What is a pre-application consultation and how do I schedule one?

A pre-application consultation is a one-on-one meeting with a Business Analyst at Telefilm Canada (CMF Program Administrator). This meeting gives applicants the chance to discuss their project before submitting their funding application to the CMF.


To schedule a pre-application consultation please contact a Telefilm Canada regional office or e-mail:


Pre-application consultation – English Market

Is the CMF contribution a loan or a grant? Is it repayable?

Below is a breakdown of the nature of the CMF contribution by program (please refer to corresponding program guidelines under the Nature of Funding Contribution section for complete information):


Development Non-interest bearing advance
Performance Envelope
Francophone Minority
English Production Incentive
Diverse Languages
English POV
Anglophone Minority Incentive
Television Component: Mix of licence fee top-ups and equity investments according to a set formula

Digital Media Component: Non-repayable contribution
Convergent Digital Media Incentive Non-repayable contribution of 75% of a Digital Media Component's Eligible Costs
Versioning Non-repayable contribution
Development; Marketing & Promotion Repayable advance
Production Recoupable investment
Digital Media Co-Production Incentive non-repayable contribution of 25 percent of the Canadian Portion of the project's Eligible Costs, up to a per-project maximum of 100,000


What does equity investment mean?

What does equity investment mean?

An equity investment is a cash investment in the project, which results in the CMF acquiring an undivided copyright ownership interest in all versions of the project. Equity investments are recoupable, and subject to a standard and non-negotiable recoupment schedule (as described and subject to any exceptions set out in the CMF Standard Recoupment Policy, see Appendix B).

I have questions about the Guidelines. Who do I contact?

For Guideline questions pertaining to your specific project, please contact a CMF Program Administrator, Telefilm Canada regional office:



Office #

Toll free #


(902) 426-8425



(514) 283-6363



(416) 973-6436



(604) 666-1566



If you have a question regarding specific policy decisions taken by the CMF surrounding the Guidelines, you can contact our office at 1-877-975-0766.

How can I check on the status of my application?

To obtain information regarding the status of your funding application, please contact Telefilm Canada (CMF Program Administrator).

How long does it take to get a response after I submit my CMF funding application?

The CMF Program Administrator, Telefilm Canada, will send out an Acknowledgement letter within 5-15 days after receiving your application. This letter will provide information about the state of your application.

Where can I find Guidelines, documents or other information from past funding years?

Please visit the archive section of our website for information from past funding years.


For Phase II/Final Cost documents from prior years, click here.

My project was funded in a previous year, where do I find the closing documentation I still need to submit?

All closing documentation, referred to as Phase II or Final Cost documents, from current* and prior years can be found here. You can also find the closing documentation from the most recent year* on the specific program page in the Funding Programs section.


*as available

What is an ISAN number?

The International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) is a unique, permanent, and internationally-recognized number for audiovisual works, making immediate and accurate identification possible. 

ISAN was created as an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard, and designed to respond to the needs of creators, owners, duplicators, distributors, and consumers of audiovisual content, among others in the value chain.

ISAN provides a unique, internationally-recognized, and permanent reference number for each registered audiovisual work and distinguishes between episodes, versions, languages, lengths, formats, and more.

ISAN is numeric (actually 96-bit/24 hexadecimal digits), so it can be read by anyone on the planet, and easily processed by any system.

A state-of-the-art central registry of ISAN numbers and related standardized metadata, based in Geneva, ensures that there is no duplication of data. 

For more information please visit the ISAN Canada website:

For the Experimental Fund, is there a type of project that the CMF is looking for, or looks more favorably upon?

No. The CMF is looking for the best innovative, interactive projects possible. A jury of Canadian and International experts makes this evaluation as part of the CMF assessment process.

What is the difference between Funding Results and Funding Decisions?

Funding Decisions indicate the selection of projects who have qualified for the CMF support but have yet to finalize all contracts. Only programs using a selective, competitive process to allocate funding are subject to a funding decision.


Funding Results lists indicate approved and contracted applications for all convergent and experimental stream programs.


For more information, click here.


When does Funding information get posted on your site?

Funding Decisions are published in two rounds annually. Click here to see the latest numbers. Funding Results are updated as available.

What is a Funding Envelope?

The allocation of funds, known as envelopes, is applied to the Performance Envelope Program and the Development Envelope Program.


The Performance Envelope Program (PEP) is the main funding mechanism of the CMF. Broadcasters are allocated envelopes to support production in television and digital media based on past performance in commissioning and airing convergent production.


The PEP was designed to provide a greater degree of funding predictability to both broadcasters and producers. Under the PEP a predetermined amount of CMF funding is allocated to Canadian English and French-language broadcasters at the beginning of the fiscal year in the following genres: Drama, Children's and Youth, Documentary, and Variety and Performing Arts; 50% of each broadcaster's allocation is Flex dollars, to be directed to any of the 4 genres. While broadcasters receive PEP allocation, CMF funds are payable to producers whose project has been greenlit by broadcasters with a PE allocation.


For more information on Performance Envelopes, including how they are calculated, click here.

Which broadcasters received envelopes?

You can find the current list of Broadcaster Envelope allocations here.  For lists of Broadcaster Envelope allocations from previous years, please visit the archives section.

I’m a broadcaster without an envelope allocation. How do I get one?

Via historic participation in a CMF-funded television project: If a broadcaster helped to finance a CMF-funded project during the previous 3 years by contributing an eligible licence to trigger CMF funding and submitting a signed "Broadcaster Agreement Form" (BAF), historic performance credit will have been earned and calculated. Credit is earned by each broadcaster with an eligible licence, regardless of whether or not the broadcaster has contributed from its Performance Envelope. No submission is required.


Via licences to current year regional CMF-funded television projects or above-threshold licences: A broadcaster earns credit under these two factors if they have contributed an eligible licence (and signed a BAF) to a CMF-funded project in the current fiscal year that is regional according to the Performance Envelope Guidelines and/or (if a French-language broadcaster) had exceeded the threshold in the amount of its cash licence. No submission is required.


Via participation in current year CMF-funded convergent digital media projects: A broadcaster who provides a cash contribution to the digital media component of a convergent project can earn credit in this factor if they sign a BAF (DM) regardless of whether or not they have helped to finance the component via an envelope contribution. No submission is required.


Via CMF-funded audience success (THT): A broadcaster may earn credit towards a performance envelope if they have aired an eligible previously-funded CMF project over the course of the applicable broadcast year. A broadcaster may earn audience success credit for a CMF-funded project even if they were not part of the original financing structure (for example, an acquired second-window program). An audience data submission to CMF is required. Details covering the audience success submission process are released each fall.


Contact the CMF Research department to review eligibility and envelope allocation timelines:


Research Department
Canada Media Fund

Who can I contact for more information on Funding Envelopes?

Please contact:


Research Department
Canada Media Fund

What is the CMF and what does it do?

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is a not-for-profit funding agency, mandated by Canadian Heritage, which financially supports Canadian content creation for the television and digital media industries. For more information please click here.

Where does the CMF get its money?

The CMF is funded by Canada’s cable and satellite distributors and the Government of Canada.  You can consult the financial statements found in the CMF Annual Report for more information.

Where can I find the CMF logos?

The CMF logos can be found on the Logos page.

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