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Canada Media Fund – Minimum Envelope Allocations

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) would like to ensure that all Canadian broadcasters, both within the envelope system and potential new entrants, are aware of the newly-established policy concerning minimum envelope allocations.

To encourage broader participation in the envelope system, the CMF will provide each eligible new entrant (that is, a single broadcaster or a broadcast ownership group consisting of several broadcasters, that has not earned an envelope allocation in the fiscal year, in either envelope language) a minimum envelope of $50K to allow them to meaningfully contribute to the licensing of projects. A new entrant receiving the $50K minimum envelope is required to trigger and contribute funds to at least one project within that fiscal year or forfeit its right to a minimum envelope top-up in subsequent years.

Broadcasters interested in becoming envelope holders are invited to read the CMF’s Performance Envelope Guidelines as well as the Performance Envelope Manual to familiarize themselves with the envelope system and its requirements. Broadcasters are also invited to contact Suzanne Keppler at for more information and to confirm eligibility.

In order to qualify for 2016-2017 envelope calculations, new entrant broadcasters should advise the CMF of their wishes before February 28, 2017. 

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