CMF History


Creation of the Cable Production Fund (CPF). The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) establishes the Cable Production Fund, a funding initiative that focuses on facilitating the production and broadcast of high-quality Canadian television programs in under-represented categories during peak viewing periods.


Creation of the Canada Television and Cable Production Fund (CTCPF). The CPF joins the Department of Canadian Heritage in a redefined public-private partnership. This new partnership is renamed the Canada Television and Cable Production Fund (CTCPF).


Creation of the Canadian Television Fund (CTF). The federal government announces a renewed contribution to the fund for three years. The CTCPF is re-branded the Canadian Television Fund (CTF).


The CTF is renewed for five years by the federal government. The emphasis is put on audience results as an evaluation factor.


Creation of the Canada New Media Fund. Telefilm Canada creates the Canada New Media Fund to provide financial support for the new media industry.


The CTF is restructured into three streams of funding: (i) an English-Language Drama Stream, (ii) a Broadcaster Performance Envelope Stream, and (iii) a stream to fund Special Initiatives. The Canadian Television Fund (CTF) receives its funding from two primary sources: Canadian Heritage and broadcasting distribution undertakings (BDUs). In addition, the CTF receives revenue from recoupment on production investments made through its Equity Investment Program.


Creation of the Digital Media Pilot Program. To answer the industry’s increasing demand regarding the funding of digital media projects, the CTF launches a new Digital Media Pilot Program. The program sets aside $2 million for the creation of. websites, mobile applications, webisodes, mobisodes, etc.


Creation of the Canada Media Fund. The Canadian Television Fund and the Canada New Media Fund are combined, reformed and rebranded through a renewed partnership with the industry. As a result, Canadian Heritage announces the creation of the Canada Media Fund, with the goal of supporting the sustainable production of successful, convergent television and digital media content that is accessible to Canadians through multiple platforms.


The Canada Media Fund (CMF) opens its doors for business on April 1, 2010. The CMF has two streams of funding: the Convergent Stream and the Experimental Stream.


The federal government announces that it will now provide funding support to the CMF on an ongoing basis starting April 1, 2011.

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