Industry Quick Facts

Canadians are connected…

  • 85% have a broadband Internet connection
  • 62% have a smartphone
  • 45% have a PVR
  • 39% have a tablet
  • 25% have a smart  TV


Canadians are active consumers of digital media…

  • 76 hours per month spent online (second highest engagement worldwide  after the US)
  • 77% watch videos online
  • 25 hours of online videos per month, 291 videos per viewer (second worldwide)
  • Canadians rank 1st in terms of monthly pages viewed and number of visits


Canadians are social…

  • 63% connect to social media each month
  • 28 hours of TV viewed per week
  • 65% go online while watching TV
  • 10% facebook or tweet while watching TV
  • Per capita, number # 1 users of Facebook


Canadians are gamers…

  • 58% of Canadians are gamers
  • 90% of Canadian children and teens are gamers
  • 61% or Canadian households own a game console


Canadians have a growing digital media industry…

  • A $22 billion industry
  • More than 900 TV producers
  • More than 1,600 digital media producers
  • 348 gaming companies operating in Canada
  • More than 120,000 creative jobsCanada’s video game industry ranks 3rd in the world based on number of employees (after the US and Japan)
  • Estimated direct impact on the Canadian economy by the video game industry: $1.7 billion 


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