Management Team

Valerie Creighton
President and CEO
Valerie Creighton is an industry leader in arts, culture and media, recognized for reenergizing some of the some of the country’s most important organizations in the sector over the last thirty five years. An expert in organizational change, Valerie has been recognized as a visionary in promoting Canada’s cultural wealth.

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Currently serving as President and CEO of the Canada Media Fund, Valerie positions Canadian programming at the forefront in world markets advocating successful, innovative Canadian content and software applications for current and emerging digital platforms. Valerie has taken part in foreign trade missions, and is regularly called upon to present the CMF model internationally. She has been recognized with numerous awards nationally and from her home province of Saskatchewan. She was awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit (SOM) in 2016.

Valerie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, has served on a variety of regional, national and international juries and boards and has produced radio dramas for the CBC in Saskatchewan where she owns and operates the Red Horse Ranch.

Stéphane Cardin
VP, Industry and Public Affairs
Stéphane Cardin has over twenty years of experience in the film and television industry. Since joining the organization in June 2006, Stéphane maintains an ongoing dialogue with industry and government stakeholders, including the CMF’s private and public funder; leads the development of policies and programs; and reinforces the positioning of the CMF within the industry, the media and the Canadian public.

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Previously, Stéphane was Director of Tax Credits with Quebec's cultural funding agency, Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), and was a member of SODEC's management committee. He has also held positions with the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Stéphane holds a Graduate Diploma in Communications Studies from Concordia University and a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University.

Sandra Collins
VP, Operations and CFO
Sandra Collins has over fifteen years of experience in the film and television industry. Since joining the organization in 2007, she is responsible for finance, legal, human resources, information technology, risk management, administration, as well as research and data.

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Previously, Sandra held various senior positions at Alliance Atlantis Communications, including Senior Vice President, Finance, Entertainment Group, and Vice President, Systems Integration, Corporate Group.

Sandra is a Certified Management Accountant and holds an H.B. Comm from the University of Windsor and a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario.

Maurice Boucher
Director of Marketing and Communications
Maurice Boucher has over twenty five years of experience in marketing and communications in various fields including broadcasting. He was also the first Executive Director of Destination centre-ville, the downtown Montreal commercial development association — the largest local business organization of its kind in Canada.

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Maurice has also worked as a marketing and communications consultant, developing customized programs for a full range of clients in diverse industries. As an experienced communicator, he is a recipient of the Canadian Public Relations Society Award of Excellence.

Since joining the CMF in 2012, he oversees the corporation’s online communications, public relations, media relations and government relations strategies in addition to implementing marketing tactics targeted to the CMF’s audiences.

Catalina Briceño
Director of Industry and Market Trends
Catalina Briceño has nearly 20 years of experience in the audiovisual and new media industry. Her role is to ensure that the policies for supporting the production of Canadian television and digital media content are aligned with emerging developments in Canada and internationally. She provides the CMF with the market intelligence required to develop effective policies and plays an instrumental role in developing and incubating strategic funding partnerships and initiatives.

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Previously, Catalina was Producer and Director of Operations at Salambo Productions, where she helped build the strategy and business model behind the internationally acclaimed, multiplatform project Têtes à claques. She served as Vice Chair of the Board of the Regroupement des producteurs multimédia (RPM) and received the 2008 Prix de la Relève from the Association of Women in Film, Television, and New Media.

Nathalie Clermont
Director of Program Management
Nathalie Clermont has been working in the film, television and digital media industry for more than twenty-five years, with extensive experience in policy development and financing. Since joining the organization in 2007, she has been a key advisor on CMF policies and programs. She also ensures consistency in service standards and application processes for all CMF programs.

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Prior to joining the CMF in March 2007 as Director of Program Management, Nathalie spent 15 years at the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), where she was the team leader of the Business Affairs Unit, which was responsible for equity investment programs in cinema and television.

Nathalie holds a B.A. in Film, Communications, and Public Relations from the Université de Montréal

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